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TVR list of candidates for management board: Cristian Topescu, Mihai Radulescu, Sorin Burtea and Adrian Sobaru


tvrThe complete list of candidates for TVR’s management board, from employees side, includes names such as Cristian Topescu, Mihai Radulescu and Sorin Burtea, who also represented the employees in the previous management board, released from function by Romanian Parliament.


A place in the management board is also wanted by Adrian Sobaru, TVR’s technician that jumped from a Parliament’s balcony.

The candidatures were submitted until today, at 15.00, and the elections are scheduled for January 17th. According to the law, the employees are choosing 2 members in the management board and two suppleants.

Also present on the list are Cornel Mihalache, Georges Boisnard and Dragos Bocanaciu.
Besides the 19 validated candidatures, other 5 people presented their candidature but weren’t accepted: Adrian Valentin Moise, Cezar Ion, Stelian Damov, Marin Drumcea and Laurenţiu-Iordache Nastase.

The full list of valid candidatures includes the following names: Florian Anghel, Dragos-Ion Bocanaciu, Georges Felix Boisnard, Sorin Burtea, Raul Petrics Chesauan, Liviu Gabriel Fetter, Silvia Ionescu, Carmen Kleibel, Cornel Mihalache, Gheorghe Militaru, Daniela Moraru, Ion Moraru, Claudia Daniela Nicolau, Razvan Ion Nicolae, Sorin Rada, Mihai Radulescu, Adrian Ion Sobaru, Ion Stavre and Cristian Topescu.

When it comes of management board election for employees’ representative, TVR’s Ethics Committee decided that employees should be represented also by people outside the institution and considered the management board’s decision discriminatory.

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