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Bingo, Altex and Carrefour exploited Valentine’s Day the most in their advertising


Niculina Stoican si Cove - Bingo Romania - Kanal D (2)On TV, Bingo Romania, Altex and Carrefour are the brands that used the most Valentine’s Day in their promotional actions, according to a MediaTrust monitoring, that also shows that, still, radios had the most commercials related to the mentioned event.


A promo invoking Valentine’s Day made for Super Bingo Metropolis show at Antena 1 had 136 broadcasts, second in top was Altex, with a commercial for Valentine’s broadcasted 100 times, whil Carrefour is on 3rd position, with 86 times broadcasting Valentine’s day commercial.

Radio stations broadcasted the most commercials related to Valentine’s Day – 825, next being TV2 with 352 and print with 25.

Europa FM had the most commercials for Valentine’s Day, Pro TV was second in top, while Radio Zu was the 3rd . On the TVs front, Romania TV had the most commercials related to the event, followed by Pro TV, Antena Stars and GSP TV.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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