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Cristi Burci: “We want Prima TV to promote in Division A”. Prima TV News, in collaboration with Adevarul’s newsroom


Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:
Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:


What does Cristi Burci wants from Prima TV, channel to be relaunch with a new programs schedule and focus on entertainment and comedy?

Cristian Burci, for

“At this moment, we have on the TV entertainment market 2 Division A stations – Pro TV and Antena 1 – and 2 Division B – Kanal D and Prima TV. Until the autumn comes, Prima TV wants to promote in Division A.”

Prima TV News will be made in collaboration with the newsroom from Adevarul, also owned by Burci.

Cristian Burci:

We will build a TV to be based on:
1. Balanced and dynamic news, with which viewers can identify. The news will be produced by Prima TV team and Adevarul’s newsroom
2. Comedy – we want to become the first station in comedy production in Romania and we will add to what is now on Prima TV – Cârcotaşii, Trăsniţii – new productions. Mondenii will be in a new format, with guest star and band.
3. Quality movies – the movies packages will include mainly action and comedy productions

“The basis principle is Content is the kinfg. The second principle: Prima TV must produce content that could be broadcasted on TV but that can also be accessible on other devices, no matter we talk about tablets or phones, computers or laptops. We launch Prima TV starting from these principles”, Cristian Burci added.

Prima TV will relaunch in March, with a schedule that includes new programs, programs made by Adevarul’s redactions (Click, Dilema veche, Historia, Ştiinţă şi tehnică) and relaunched shows (with Mondenii to be handled by Andrei Boncea). Florin Calinescu returns with Chestiunea zilei / Matter of the day, but that will just happen in autumn.
Mondenii, relaunched by Andrei Boncea, former MediaPro Pictures.

Andrei Boncea will handle 2 new productions at Prima TV, a new sitcom – Dolce Vita and Mondenii.

Click will have a daily evening show, while Dilema veche has a week-end program.
The new formats that will be on Prima TV are What women think, Married from the first sight and some Romania’s funniest video. Out of the schedule are Stefan Stan and Killer Karaoke and Secret Loves series.

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