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Cristoiu to launch a website: “Facebook experience convinced me that internet remains the unique form where I can express myself completely free”


CristoiuRomanian journalist Ion Cristoiu will soon launch a website, according to an announcement he made on his Facebook page. His website will be named


“Facebook experience convinced me that the internet remains the unique form where I can express completely free, without any worry that I can enter in conflict with someone’s sympathies or antipathies (…) or with owner’s financial interests”, the journalist explained.

For his website, he promises comments every 2 hours on political news and some sections such as:

The world seen by a poor Romanian (satirical travel notes from abroad, movies and photos from different places Cristoiu visited as journalist), With Ion Cristoiu through the contemporary inferno (memories from over 40 years spend in the press), General joy (satirical prose), History documents (photos, reproductions of documents), The world I’m passing by (esseys, notes, meditations on history and the world we’re living in).

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