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Dinescu makes “Politics and delicacies” on TVR 1


Foto: Mediafax
Foto: Mediafax


The poet and political commentator Mircea Dinescu will produce, starting March, the show “Politics and delicacies” on TVR 1; he previously made the same show on Realitatea TV.

Dinescu will also host and moderate a weekly talk-show in prime time, on TVR 2, a program in which he will approach political matters.

Every week, Dinescu will have 2 shows on state TV – infotainment and debate on TVR 1 and TVR2

Dinescu’s “Politics and delicacies”

In this show, Dinescu will talk about “simple recipes, but full of refinement, from nobelty meals in the start of the 20th century” and about “political events of the week”. The show will be broadcasted on TVR 1 on Sundays, starting 14.30. Dinescu will also have guests in the show, a “personality from Romanian actuality, a politician, an artist, a philosopher or a renown doctor”.

On TVR 2, talk-show with politicians and businessmen

In his weekly talk-show on TVR 2, Dinescu will try to find out who “influences” Romania’s destiny, political people or businessmen from Romanian “Top 30” and he will have as guests both politicians and people involved in the business sector

About Mircea Dinescu

Mircea Dinescu (born on November 11th 1950 in Slobozia) is poet, publicist, wine producer, owner of a restaurant in the center of Bucharest and TV host.

From 1971 until now, he published tens of volumes in Romania and abroad and his poems are available in Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Bulgaria and Serbia.

His literary activity resulted in many awards and national and international accolades.

He entered in history as the first person that announced a revolution on TV and was president of Romanian Writers Union (1990-1993), founded the political satire magazines „Academia Caţavencu” (1990), „Plai cu boi” (2001) and „Aspirina săracului” (2003) and was member in the National Council for Studying Security’s archives (2006 -2012).
In rpesent, he edits, together with Doru Buscu, „Catavencii” magazine.

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