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January: Romanians stayed indoors, eyes on TV. Increased audiences for almost all stations. Antena Stars, twice better than the old Antena 2


Foto: The Guardian
Foto: The Guardian


Heavy snows and the plane crash in which Adrian Iovan died maintained among Romanians, in January, an increased interest for news. Romanians kept their eyes on TV in January, which reflected in increases in audiences for most TVs, compared to December 2013.

The audience increase is visible mainly during evenings, in prime time: Pro TV went over 1M viewers per minute, Antena 2 had over 700,000 in urban areas.

To notice is Antena Stars’ evolution, a station that appeared from a rebranding of Antena 2; after the rebranding, that included also a rethink of the programs schedule, the audience of the station increased: double compared to November.

In terms of daily average, Romania TV is to notice, as it entered in top 5.
In prime time:

Pro TV had over 1M viewers in urban areas per minute every January evening, 80,000 less than in December 2013. Antena 1, second in top, went over 700,000 viewers in urban areas, 20,000 more compared to last month of last year.

The only top 3 station that decreased in the evening was Kanal D, 370,000 viewers, down 50,000 compared to December.

National TV surpasses Prima TV in the evening. TVR 1 – good evolution also
Antena Stars, former Antena 2, has during the evenings over 150.000 viewers per minute. The station surpasses B1 TV, TVR 2 and Realitatea TV, ranking 10 in top
News channels:

With the plane crash in which the pilot Adrian Iovan died and with the heavy snows all over Romania, news TVs posted significant audience numbers in January, better than in December last year.

Antena 3: average viewership of almost 370.000 viewers from urban areas per minute, each January evening. Up 75.000 viewers compared to December. 4th in general top in Prime time.

Romania TV: from 140.000 viewers in December to 170,000 viewers each January evening. 9th in general top

B1 TV: 118.000 viewers, up 20.000. In the evenings, loses one place, from 10th to 11th, surpassed by Antena Stars

Realitatea TV: 84.000 viewers per minute, up 15,000 compared to December. Ranks 13th
On daily average, in urban areas:

Increases were registered also when it came of daily average viewership, with the evolutions more visible for news TVs.

Pro TV jumps over half million viewers, Antena 1 has 434.000.

Antena Stars posts double audience compared to the period when it was Antena 2: 72.000 viewers and 11th position, up from 33,000 and 16th place when it was Antena 2
News stations, in terms of daily average:

Antena 3: 3rd in all day top, after Pro TV and Antena 1. Intact’s news station has 240.000 viewers, up 50,000 compared to December.

Romania TV: up one place in the general top, reaching 5th position. Daily average: close to 130.000 viewers, up 30.000 compared to December.

B1 TV: remains on 10th position, with 89.000 viewers, up from 75,000 in December.
Realitatea TV: stays on 12th, with 72,000 viewers, up 9,000 compared to December.
The full audiences for December 2013 and January 2014 are available here.

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