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News TVs are giving us headaches, but „treat” us with medicines. Which are the clients to advertise on Antena 3, RTV, B1 and Realitatea


televiziune_telecomanda_capitalNo matter it is about Antena 3, Romania TV, B1 or Realitatea TV, the most visible category to advertise on all those channels is the pharma one. A analysis shows that, last year, most commercials that ran on the news channels were from pharma/medicines/health category.


On the other hand, anti-bugs products, skin exfoliating or ear washing devices, along with all sorts of other products – or Teleshopping to put it in one word filled the advertising spaces at almost all news channels, except Antena 3.

News channels gathered, in 2013, more clients from pharma/health category. It was the most visible category on each channel. That is also because news channels have a higher affinity for these products, as their public is older and most viewers are over 55 y.o.

Antena 1 had over 30,000 commercials for pharma products and, considering channel’s rating, they got the highest GRP for the category. Romania TV, Realitatea and B1 also had couple thousand broadcasts for same type of commercials.

Except Antena 3, teleshopping is a strong presence on all news channels. At Romania TV, the most important advertising client, in terms of GRPs obtained, is Studio Moderna (teleshopping company).

Realitatea TV has most teleshopping clients: the top 3 advertisers of the channel, last year, in terms of GRPs, are such companies: Telemarketing, Studio Moderna and Telestore International.

On Antena 3 and B1, the 1st position amongst advertising clients is occupied by FMCG companies (Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser). At Romania TV and Realitatea, the 1st place was claimed by a teleshopping operator.

On Antena 3 and B1, the most visible brand in 2013 was Vodafone, while Medosan (teleshopping product) was on România TV.

Most visible brand promoted on Realitatea TV was Pedi Spin, a device to clean and exfoliate the heels

In terms of category: over 120,000 pharma ads in a year
Together, news stations broadcasted over 120,000 commercials for pharma/health products last year. Most GRPs were cumulated on Antena 3 (3 times more than the other stations and 30,000 commercials broadcasted), B1 TV broadcasted the most ads – over 40,000 – but cumulated GRPs were less, due to channel’s rating. Romania TV had, last year, 30.000 commercials in the mentioned category, while Realitatea TV broadcasted 20.000.

In terms of clients: Teleshopping conquered news channels, except Antena 3
Anti-bugs products, skin exfoliators and all sorts of devices filled in the ad spaces on news channels. The only unconquered TV was Antena 3, where Studio Moderna is at the end of advertising clients top.

Oposite to Antena 3 is Realitatea TV, where most GRPs were obtained by teleshopping companies: Telemarketing, Studio Moderna and Telestore. Also on Romania TV, studio Moderna is in clients’ top in terms of GRPs delivered, followed by Unilever, Rewe and GlaxoSmithKline.

On B1 TV, best audience was obtained by Reckitt Benckiser’s products, followed by Studio Moderna, Vodafone and Orange.

In terms of brands: Realitatea TV – dominated by teleshopping. Vodafone, on first place on Antena 3 and B1

On Antena 3 and B1, the highest audience from top 5 came from the classical commercial area, with Vodafone ranking 1st on both stations. Romania TV had most GRPs going to Medosan (teleshopping product), followed by Penny, Vodafone and Orange.
On Realitatea TV, most visible were 3 teleshopping products (Pedi Spin, Prostafix and Prostavital) but, in top 20, there are also brands like Vodafone and Lidl. Realitatea TV is also the station with most teleshopping brands: Miracle Blade, Water Saver, Sew Whiz, Volume Max.

More data on how advertising was on news channels in 2013 is available here.

Translation provided by AdHugger

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