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Next Star versus Pro TV: Negru’s show, after Las Fierbinti but a lot over A Crazy Week


next starAntena 1’s Next Star reestablished the audiences balance on Thursday night. Last week, Las Fierbinti and A Crazy Week series dominated the evening audience, but, last night, with Next Star restarting, the balance returned.


The TV audiences top changed from one hour to another. Intially, when Next Star intersected with Las Fierbinti, Negru’s show ranked 2nd. In the second part, Next Star left behind A Crazy Week both on national and urban audiences, although the difference was quite small.

Las Fierbinti surpassed Next Star on all audiences: 2.15M viewers versus 1.84M at national level, 60,000 viewers more for Pro TV in urba areas and around 300,000 viewers more on the commercial public.

Negru’s show recovered the score difference during the intersection with A Crazy Week, with an advance of half million Romanians when it came on urban audiences and of 700,000 – on national audiences.

The audiences for Next Star intersecting with Las fierbinti and A Crazy Week are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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