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Romanian president comments CNA’s “escape” tactic when it comes of making decisions




Romanian president Traian Basescu commented, in last night’s edition of Robert Turcescu’s program, about a “tactic” used by CNA when it comes of making decisions.
“I look to what they did to me and my family. I submitted complaints to CNA.

Do you know what the tactic is? The moment is submitted to vote, 2 are out, or one – a former worker to BBC and România Liberă, or one from Voice of America or from Pro TV… Two are out and Cotroceni is informed there was no cvorum”, Romanian president said, in the show broadcasted by B1 TV.

Before making this statement, Basescu spoke about “the fine ears of CNA’s gentlemans”and than added that “it is difficult to explain how the mess made by Voiculescu’s trust (…) is supported by people that worked both at BBC, and at Europa Liberă and at Voice of America “.

Basescu got to make this statements when he was about to comment “Black Tuesday” expression and Turcescu warned him he can’t say it was “a state coup”, reminding of the recent fine B1 received from CNA

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