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Romanian Special Telecommunications Service: TVs disinformed the public on aviatic crash in Apuseni Mountains


ambulanta-112Romanian Special Telecommunications Service (STS) complained at CNA that TVs disinformed the public related to STS’s activity and induced to general public a distrust sentiment when it comes of the unique emergency number 112.


STS didn’t refer, in its complaint, to a certain TV or TV program.

“This misinformation can cause dezastrous prejudices to Romania’s image in communitary and international space, that can diminish the number of visitors and tourists in Romania”, STS’ document shows.

CNA dedicated an entire meeting to this subject but, in the end, after 7 hours of debates and viewing fragments of TV show, Council’s member didn’t reach to decide any sanction and postponed a decision for February 13th.

Still, the meeting on February 13th didn’t come with different results, the 5 hours dedicated to the plane crash ending with no palpable result, as, at the moment of the vote, there was no cvorum, as some CNA member already left.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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