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Romanians got talent – 10 times higher audience than 2nd ranked in audience top. How many Romanians watched the show?


Romanii au talent 1 martie 2014Romanians got talent, a show that reached the 4th season, had, last night, a start wth almost 5M viewers per minute, with Pro TV registering a 10 times higher audience than 2nd ranked in top, on all targets: national, urban and commercial.


At national level, the show was watched by 4.9M people, while 2nd placed, Kanal D, had 570.000 viewers. The golden minute on national level was 22.16, when 5.97M people were watching the show.

In urban areas, Pro TV had 2.6M viewers, while Antena 1 ranked 2nd with 290,000. The urban golden minute was 22.15, when 3.21M people were watching the show.

When it comes of commercial public, 1.42M people watched Pro TV (25.4 rtg), with over a half of people that were in front TV watching Romanians got talent (53% market share on the segment). Antena 1 was in the second place, with 172.000 viewers (3.1 rtg ).

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