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Start of season for Las Fierbinti and A Crazy Week on Pro TV


las fierbintiPro TV’s series, Las Fierbinti and A Crazy Week, started the season in force, with Pro TV leading in audiences on Thursday night, due to its 2 Romanian productions broadcasted between 20.30 – 22.30.


Las Fierbinti had almost 3M viewers every minute at national level, almost three times more compared to Antena 1. In towns, the series was watched by 1.5M people, while Antena 1 ranked 2nd with 685.000 and National TV came on the 3rd place. On the commercial public, Las Fierbinti had 1M viewers, while Antena 1, second ranked, had only 426.000.

A Crazy Week had almost 2M viewers on national level, more than Antena 1, second in top with 1.2M viewers. In urban areas, the series was watched by 972.000 people, with Antena 1 ranking 2nd , with 871.000 viewers, while Antena 3 ranked 3rd both on national and urban audience. When it comes of the commercial public, Pro TV had 700.000 viewers, while Antena 1 had 561.000.

More audience data is available here.

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