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Turcescu, live: “These people are staging a state coup”. CNA: RON 70,000 fine for B1 because of “gravity of the statements”


turcescuCNA decided to fine B1TV with RON 70,000 for Robert Turcescu’s “Under Questionmark” from December 12th and 25th 2013. During the edition on December 12th, the discussion focused on the modifications of the Penal Code by Deputy Chamber, while the Prime Minister was abroad.


On December 25th, the show had in its set, as guest, Dan Puric, that said that, among others, Romania “is a mob state, leaded by cursed securists” and added “I assume this statement because the disaster you talk about and the incompetent mayor are consequences of selling the country”.

The fine was given after a proposal made by Laurei Georgescu, that considered that 2 articles from Audiovisual Code were not respected, respectively art 40 aling 3 (shows hosts have the obligation to not use and not to allow their guests to use injurious language or instigate to violence) and art 66 align 1 a (in news programs and debates ….there must be respected the following principles: (a) insure the impartiatlity, balance and favorization of free opinion making, by presenting the main opposite points of view, during the period when the problems are in public debate).

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