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TVR 1: ”Sunday in the family” – out of programs schedule. Moise Guran – every Monday to Thursday evening. Cristoiu and Florin Iaru on TVR 2


tvrSunday in the family show is out of TVR 1’s schedule and in the same situation is the show “From A to Infinite”, hosted by Smaranda Vornicu.


TVR 1: Sunday in the family is out, Iuliana Tudor, back on Fridays

Cheerish the life, the show hosted on Saturdays by Andreea Marin, remains in the schedule, with the last details of the project being discussed.

Iuliana Tudor comes back on the screen on Fridays, with “Once in a life time”, after a season broadcasted on Thursdays that had modest audiences.

League II football games will replace Smaranda Vornicu’s show.

On “Sunday in the family” interval, one of the new shows will be a program with images from TVR’s archive.

The evening segment remains almost unchanges, with talk-shows starting 19.00 and the Journal at 20.00.

After moving Iuliana Tudor on Fridays, Moise Guran will have the show at the same hour, 22.30, from Monday to Thusday.

TVR 2: Shows with Ion Cristoiu and Florin Iaru

Two of the surprises on TVR 2 are Ion Cristoiu and Florin Iaru, each having a show with cultural profile.

On TVR 2, Monday will be the day of TV Theater.

Tuesday, TVR 2 broadcasts “Destinies like in movies”, hosted by Iuliana Marciuc.
Another novelty on TVR 2 will be a show with folk music, scheduled on Sundays.

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