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UPC Romania withdraws from Cable Communication Association (ACC) soon after Digi24 entered must carry list


upcUPC decided to withdraw from ACC starting February 1st, decision that came “following a reevaluation (…) of ACC strategy and after analyzing the recent activity of the association”, as company’s representatives said.


“In this context, we want to mention that recent statements made by Radu Petric, ACC president, in the name of the association, those aren’t in line with UPC Romania’s position and doesn’t represent our company’s point of view”, mai arată compania.

On February 5th, after UPC already announced its withdrawl from ACC, Radu Petric said, on Digi24’s entrance in must carry, for “I can’t see in what measure Digi 24 would alter the interests of the other rival cable operators. (…) I find impossible to understand this problem. ‘

Radu Petric, after UPC withdrawl from ACC: I understand them being upset
ACC’s president said he understands that UPC “aren’t happy with the lack of results” lately of the organization he manages.

Petric explained, for, that UPC’s not being happy is similar with ACC not being happy, especially when authorities became “a deaf conversation partner” when it comes of communication with organizations that represent Telecom industry’s interests.

“I blame them being upset on association’s lack of dialogue with the authorities. Despite our efforts to communicate industry’s opinion, we couldn’t find any kind of interest in being listened by authorities. No authority wants to hear the opinion of those affected from the industry (…) There is no public consultations, specialized associations are ignored”, Radu Petric, ACC’s director, said, for

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