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New Pro TV’s chief, first statements since he came to Romania: There is no active negotiations on potential Pro TV buying. I don’t run a witch hunt


Pro TV aleksandras-cesnavicius”There’s no active negotiations on the potential buy of Pro TV”, Aleksandras Cesnavicius, CEO Pro TV SA, said, for, in his first statements made since being appointed in Romania.


In answers submitted to, Pro TV’s manager says that “generally, we don’t comment on rumors, but I can tell you very clear that there’s no active negotiations with Gazprom or anyone else on the potential buying of Pro TV”.

On people quitting or being fired from Pro TV:

“As I said before, I am judging and make decisions on professional criteria and I don’t run a witch hunt. Simplifying the decision making process, consolidating responsibilities and efficiency were the reasons behind parting ways with some of the managers”, Aleksandras Cesnavicius said.

“When it comes of employees, I don’t intend to make drastic changes. I will make sure each department has the needed resources and, where will be the case, we will redistribute people inside the organization”, Pro TV’s manager added .

Aleksandras Cesnavicius:

“Besides the fact that we were given a lot of attention, since I arrived, only 5 managers left the company. And that wasn’t because I don’t appreciate what they have done for the company during the years. I respect each and every one of them from a professional point of view.

From the first sight of the organizational chart, I realized it is overcrowded, it has too many people and they don’t have clear enough responsibilities. It was clear for me that this structure needs to be changed to become more elastic and more efficient.”

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