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Project to save Romanian State TV: Public TV to merge with Public radio, probably under the coordination of Ovidiu Miculescu


tvrA surprising solution is discussed in order to financially “save” Romanian TV, namely merging Romanian Public TV with Romanian Public Radio and creating one entity to handle Romanian public audiovisual.


According to sources close to the discussions, the new entity could be managed by Ovidiu Miculescu, now president of Romanian Radio Society .

The same sources say that this model will make expenses more efficient and it is also the most used in Europe (e.g. BBC).

The situation of the 2 state companies now:

TVR has historic debts of over Euro 150M, while Public Radio ended 2013 with over Euro 2M profit. TVR has 2450 employees, while Public Radio has 2200, including its orchestras and choirs.

If the project is implemented, there will only be one company, one board and a single audiovisual tax that, at its current value, will bring the new company over Euro 120M a year
Romanian state radio and TV functioned together, as one company, until 1994, when they were separated as a consequence of Law 41 on audiovisual’s functioning.

Who is Ovidiu Miculescu

Ovidiu Miculescu is the president of Romanian Radio Company since 2012. Previously, since 2010, he was member of the board within the Public Radio. Ovidiu Miculescu worked, in ‘90s, at TVR as image director, than he was Antena 1’s bureau chief in Washington DC and executive director Antena 1 until 1998. Afterwards, he worked in Prima TV for a year.

In 2000, he was involved in Radio Audience Association’s activity, as the first president of the organization. He coordinated Europa FM and Radio 21 radio networks and radio ad sales house Regie Radio Music.

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