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Sorina Matei case at CNA. What did the 2 parties said in front of CNA?


sorina mateiSorina Matei, producer at B1 TV and target of a Romania TV driven attack 2 weeks ago, and Dragos Patraru, the one that attacked her in his show on Romania TV, came to CNA to support their points of view.


After CNA listened to the parties, the council remained without quorum and wasn’t able to make a decision in this case. Lorand Turos, CNA member, left the meeting at 15.00 as it was his birthday. Also, from the 11 members of the council, only 8 were present at the meeting, that had, this way, the minimum quorum before Turos left.

Patraru said his action wasn’t meant to mock someone, as insinuated, but to criticize a journalistic conduit. At her turn, Matei said she was put in a defamatory situation in front of the public.

Patraru was present at CNA also on March 13th, when the subject was on CNA’s agenda for the first time and when Matei wasn’t present.

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