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Brands and ads from Golden Era, brought together by Carrefour


Carrefour 5Brands like Pegas, Dero, Pepsi, Borsec or Eugenia were presented in a special space, arranged to look like a communist convenience store, recreating the atmosphere from the Golden Era, together with the commercials available during that period of time, in Carrefour’s stores.


Symbols from the same period were imprinted on presents’ bags: money, radios, pioneers or commercials inspired by those times.

“We wanted to recreate the atmosphere in the 80s”, Andreea Mihai, marketing director Carrefour România, said.

Brands that survived Golden Era and are on the market up to this day are Amigo, Pepsi, Fa soap bar, Doina cleansing milk, Nivea, Cristal tooth paste, Rom and Pegas bicycles

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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