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CNA’s Activity Report for 2013, adopted after contradictory discussions




CNA adopted, during today’s meeting, institution’s activity report for 2013, after the presentation of the document generated a series of contradictory discussions between CNA’s president and two of the members, Narcisa Iorga and Florin Gabrea.

Narcisa Iorga said she is against the report, with the main reproche brought to Georgescu being that the document “informs members on actions related to which they weren’t consulted or informed”, activities of CNA’s president made “without mandate or CNA’s agreement”. Iorga mentioned here a series of agreements signed by CNA with different institutions like National Cinematography center, Education Ministry, SRR, SRTV and some of CNA president’s meetings with European commissioners.

As a reply, Georgescu said she acted as representative of the institution she manages and the report is “mirroring the activity for the entire year, as made by the 131 public servants working for the institution”.

In the end, the report was adopted with 7 “yes” votes (Lorand Turos, Monica Gubernat, Laura Georgescu, Viorel Vasile Buda, Christian Mitielu, Rasvan Popescu and Radu Calin Cristea) and 3 against (Narcisa Iorga, Florin Gabrea and Cristina Trepcea).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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