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Electoral promotion for Europarliament elections – Euro 1240 – 8252 on Antena 3. Which are the fees at Realitatea TV, Romania TV and Nasul?


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Antena 3 asks from Romanian candidates for European Parliament amounts between Euro 1.240 – 8.252 for promoting them, depending on the way, time and exposure interval the candidates want.

Realitatea TV’s tariffs are between Euro 350 for 30 seconds to Euro 7.500 for a 30 minutes live transmission from a rally or other campaign activities.

Romania TV established unique tariffs of RON 19,000 (around Euro 4.300) for 15 minutes of electoral promotion show and of RON 1.600 (Euro 360) for a 30 seconds ad.

At Nasul TV, electoral promotion has unique fees also: Euro 100 for a 30 seconds electoral ad and Euro 500 for 30 minutes of electoral program.

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