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Luca Niculescu about remaining with one show a week on Digi24: “I’m focusing more on interviews and a bit less on debates”


luca niculescuLuca Niculescu explained, on his Facebook page, the reason why his show remained with just one edition a week. “


TV’s management asked me to continued also in the new programs schedule with a daily show. But I am now in a stage when I want to focus more on interviews and less on debates. As a consequence, I proposed – and I am glad my proposal was accepted – a weekly interviews show”, Luca Niculescu wrote.

The journalist and his “Impartial” show will be on screen only Sundays, starting this week. The show will center on interviews and will start at 20.10.

Digi 24’s programs schedule underwent modifications once with the launch of spring programming. The time slot that was occupied until now by Luca Niculescu was taken over by Adriana Muraru and a synthesis of the most important events of the day that are brought together in a News Journal.

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