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RCS wants CNA to take measures in order for Digi 24 to be retransmitted by UPC an Romtelecom. The council decided to verify is “must carry” principle is respected


rcs rdsDigi 24 demanded CNA’s help to be retransmitted by the main cable providers in Romania, as Cosmin Prelipceanu, editor-in-chief Digi 24, and RCS&RDS lawyers came to CNA for discussions related to the fact that some big cable operators don’t distribute Digi 24 although it is mandatory to do so.


Following more than 2 hours of discussions, CNA decided to verify if “must-carry” principle is respecte. On the other hand, the same institution that will run the verification approved, few weeks ago, the grilas presented by UPC and Romtelecom, that didn’t included Digi 24.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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