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Romanian President’s referral on modification to SRR-SRTv law, rejected by Romanian Constitutional Court


Traian Basescu, CotroceniThe referral made by Romanian president Traian Basescu on the modifications made to SRR and SRTv functioning law was rejected by Romanian Constitutional Court, as Mediafax writes.


The decision was made with unanimity of votes, as the judges from Constitutional Court decided that president’s referral didn’t had any fundaments.

Romanian president submitted the referral to CC in February and focused on the fact that the modified law sees SRR and SRTv capable to start or become part of private juridical personas or associate to those or buy the shares of an existent commercial company. The president demanded Constitutional Court to find the provisions unconstitutional as they don’t respect Constitution’s article 1 paragraph 5 that demands provisions to be clearly formulated and respect criteria like clarity, precision, and predictability.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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