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Suleyman on Long Friday: the sultan maintained Kanal D on 2nd place in audiences


Suleyman Andreea MarinTurkish series Suleyman stabilized Kanal D on Fridays, on 2nd position in audiences’ top, after Pro TV.


During Long Friday, Suleyman started half hour earlier than Romanians got talent, Pro TV’s audience locomotive, and intersected with the show for almost 2 hours.

On Fridays broadcasts until now, Suleyman had, on average, 1,3-1,6M viewers per minute, with around half of them (700-800.000) living in urban areas. The numbers were similar also for Long Friday.

On Long Friday, the series was watched by 1.3M people at national level, second in audience after Pro TV (2.2M viewers), and by 840,000 in urban areas, also after Pro TV (1.4M viewers). On the commercial target, Suleyman was watched by only 266,000 people, three times less than the audience registered by Pro TV (770.000).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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