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Unstoppable and Hard to Kill 4 led the week-end audiences. What happened to Romania dances and Do I know you from somewhere?


televizorAction dominated Saturday and Sunday evenings this week-end. Pro TV came up, on Saturday, with Unstoppable with Denzel Washington in the main role and broadcasted, on Sunday, Hard to Kill 4 with Bruce Willis. Both productions were leaders in audiences.


Antena 1 maintained in audiences top with its entertainment programs, Do I Know you from somewhere and Romania dances, while National TV is present in top due to its „traditional” Indian series.

On Saturday, Unstoppable – 1.6M viewers, while Bendeac still gets audiences for Antena 1
At national level, Pro TV’s movie was the most watched program on Saturday, with 1.6M viewers. Pro TV News 19.00 ranked 2nd in audiences, with 1.4M viewes, while Do I know you from somewhere (Antena 1) had 1.2M viewers.

Antena 1 still gets good audiences with Bendeac’s jokes – 717.000 viewers
In towns, the first places of the top are the same as at national level: Pro TV’s Unstoppable (909.000) and Pro TV News (815.000), followed by Antena 1 (800.000).

On the commercial public, Washington had 576.000 viewers, Pro TV News had 416.000 and Big Hit, also on Pro TV, had 410.000. Antena 1 was next, with 340.000.

Sunday: Bruce Willis’ evening with 1.6M viewers

On national level, Bruce Willis was watched on Pro TV by 1.6M people, with the next in line from audience point of view being Pro TV News (1.5M viewers) and Kanal D with Eyes in the Shadow (1.5M viewers). Next was Antenei 1 with Observator 19 and Romania dances
In towns, Willis had 900.000 viewers, followed by Pro TV News, Antena 1 and Kanal D.
Hard to Kill 4 dominated the commercial audience also (558.000 viewers), followed by Pro TV News (480.000) and Romania dances (309.000).

More audience data is available here.

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