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Weekend Audiences: What did “Do I know you from somewhere” and “Romania dances” do?


Te cunosc de undeva copyright Gabriela_Arsenie-Antena1_Antena 1 maintained on 2nd place in audiences with its 2 entertainment shows broadcasted during week-end. Do I know you from somewhere and Romania dances competed with 2 movies broadcasted by Pro TV, Kingdom of Heaven and The A-Team .


Saturday evening was lead by Pro TV at national level, with 1.6M viewers, followed by Antena 1 and Kanal D.

In towns, Antena 1 had 882.000 viewers, second after Pro TV (924.000) and before Kanal D (252.000).

Pro TV was the audience leader also on the commercial public, with 540.000 viewers, while Antena 1 had 351.000 viewers.

More audience data is available here.

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