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Antena Group introduce a dress-code. What can employees wear at work and what not


Intact sediuNo boots outside winter season, no mini-skirts, no over-stretched pants and no glimmery clothes for Antena Group’s employees after the introduction of a dress-code that allows skirts with proper shapes and long and ironed.


For women:

They must wear jewelry and accesories that would be discreet, of good taste and harmonize with the entire outfit

Shoes, boots, sandals and sport shoes ( casual – sport) are allowed, while flip flops or extravagant shoes aren’t part of business outfits – casual, smart casual or smart business;
Trousers – allowed are only long and three quarters long pants (office style) and to be avoided are excesivelly streched and transparent ones. Those who prefer jeans are advised to adopt classical models, with dark colors and avoid slim-streched models, with cuts, obvious models, glimmer, pre-washed.

For men

Clean cut, well groomed, and an increased attention for shaving
Jewlries and accesories must be decent and fit the entire outfit
T-shirt or Shirt – long or short sleeves, neutral or pastel colors, avoid strong colors
Trousers: accepted are only long and ironed trousers. Those who prefer jeans are asked to avoid extravagant models
Boots are accepted only in winter season, while flip-flops and slippers are forbidden, no matter the model or material, and same goes for any other shoes that aren’t a proper fit for job.

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