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April’s audiences: Big generalist are droping. News stations keep evening audiences


televiziune_telecomanda_capitalPro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D had, in April, lower audiences than in March, considering TV consumption was lower than the one during previous month.


If for big generalists there is a descending trend, for news TVs, the trend is different: at least during the evenings, in prime-time, Antena 3, România TV, B1, Realitatea and Digi 24 had, in April, equal audiences compared to march.

Prime time average in urban areas:

- Pro TV average goes under 1M viewers per minute in April, to 950,000 from 1,1M in March
-second ranked, Antena 1, also decreased to 590.000 viewers, 55.000 less viewers than in March
- Kanal D. Ranked rd, with 461.000 viewers (-13.000 compared to March)
- slight growth for Naţional TV (+4.000)
- Acasă and Prima TV switched places, with Prima loosing on place and ranking 7th, after loosing 52,000 viewers

News stations in the evening:

Antena 3: 4th in Prime-Time with 337.000 viewers, up 1.000 compared to March.
România TV: equal with March, 132.000 viewers, ranks 8th.
B1 TV: constant audience, 10th in rankings.
Realitatea TV: 63.000 viewers in April(+1000 compared to March), ranks 14th
Digi 24: 38.000 viewers (-1000 compared to march), ranks 18th

Daily averae in urban areas:

  • - Pro TV gets to under 500.000 viewers, down 50.000 compared to March
  • - Antena 1, 2nd place, had 370.000 viewers in March, down 20.000 compared to previous month
  • - Naţional TV gets ahead of Prima TV.

News channels during the day:

  • Antena 3: 3rd in general ranking, 206.000 viewers in April, down from 210.000 in March.
  • România TV: up one place, on 5th, with 94.000 viewers in April, +2000 compared to March
  • B1 TV: up one place, on 8th, with 75.000 viewers (+1000 compared to March)
  • Realitatea TV: stays on 12th, with 49.000 viewers (-1000 compared to March)
  • Digi 24: almost equal to March (31.000) and ranks 16th

More data on April audiences is available here.

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