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Artists and journalists don’t have to retroactively pay TVA. Final decision in the process opened by tens of names among which Nicu Alifantis, Mircea Badea, Ciutacu and Bendeac


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More journalists and TV stars don’t have to retroactively pay TVA anymore for their copyrights’ income, after they sued ANAF and fought it for 3 years in justice. The decision is irrevocable and was made by The Hih Court for Cassation and Justice.

The decision applies not only to the 30 people that initiated the lawsuit, but all people targeted by the same measure, and will be published in Official Monitor, according to Gheorghe Piperea, the lawyer that represented the artists and journalists.

What happens to those that already paid TVA towards ANAF: „Those are undued payments and can be returned any time within the prescription term, via a lawsuit. There’s a solutioned irrevocable case that we handled for Cornel Nistorescu, which already received the irrevocable decision to have the money he paid returned as the payment wasn’t dued”, Piperea explained.

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