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Cristian Burci bought


Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:
Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:


The group owned by Cristian Burci bought website from Vali Cămară and Luminiţa Niţoiu, with the transaction signed today.

Following the transaction, Cămară and Niţoiu will remain minor shareholders at was founded in October 2009 by Vali Cămară and Luminiţa Niţoiu as an ITC web platform. The website relays news, reviews and analysis in the field, but also specialists opinions. also developed an area for special events as SmarIT (apps) is, a session of 3D gaming and one of videoblogging.

According to Cămară, the transaction aims to help to develop as web publication and to bring new things, with new projects made together with the new group, but also to develop a service area for ITC.

He also said that the transaction with Adevarul was made because the group has a quality content policy, compatible with Playtech’s editorial strategy and business model.

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