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FreeEx. An agitated year: from Paginademedia – Acces Direct and Bendeac – Antena 1 conflict, to political pressures over media and Sarbu’s departure from Pro TV


Raportul FreeEx pe 2013Romanian media market underwent one of the most agitated years during the last decade, with all the happenings being mentioned, in detail, in FreeEx’s report on Romanian press’ freedom in 2013.


The report mentions the internal fights within CNA, Horia Ivanovici’s firing from DigiSport, the conflict between Mihai Bendeac and Antena and Adrian Sârbu’s departure from Pro TV. The document also mentions – Acces Direct case.

Last february, Antena Group sued’s editor, Petrisor Obae, after couple of articles related to Acces Direct show, namely related to the editions during which Ioana Tufaru was presented in humiliating circumstances.

Antena Group accused the fact that, after presented the list of advertising clients within Acces Direct show, some of them withdrew their commercial. In the start of 2014, Bucharest court rejected as unfounded Antena Group’s action.

FedEx report mentions the tensioned situation in CNA, as the institution was subjected to pressure both from broadcasters, unhappy with the sanctions they received, and from political world, speakers for the broadcasters with political affilliations.

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