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Last episode of the season for Las Fierbinti; audiences of Next Star and Suleyman


las fierbintiLas fierbinţi broadcasted, on Thursday night, the last episode of the season, in an evening when it competed with Suleyman (Kanal D) and Next Star (Antena 1). Over their broadcasting intervals, Next Star (Antena 1), Las Fierbinţi (Pro TV) and Suleyman (Kanal D) had smaller audiences compared to the previous week.


The biggest decrease was posted by Las Fierbinţi, which reached to last episode of the 5th season. Pro TV’s series had, yesterday, half million viewers less than the previous week.

On Suleyman’s interval (20.00-22.15):

Kanal D’s series had a lower audience on the interval, same as Las Fierbinţi, compared to the previous week and ranked 2nd in national audience
At national level, Suleyman was watched by over 1.2M people (down 108.000 compared to the previous week). Kanal D ranked 2nd after Pro TV, which had over 1.3M viewers (400.000 less compared to the previous week), while Antena 1 was 3rd, with 1.1M .
In towns, Suleyman was 2nd (758.000 viewers, down 74.000 compared to prevous week), after Antena 1 (740.000).
As during previous weeks, on commercial public, Suleyman was 3rd (290.000), after Pro TV and Antena 1.

On Las fierbinti interval (20.30-21.30):
Las fierbinti went under the 2M viewers, but still placed Pro TV on 1st position in audiences top. It had 1.5M viewers on national level, followed by Kanal D and Antena 1, and only 861,000 viewers in towns (down 122,000 compared to previous week). It also had 565.000 viewers on the commercial public

On Next Star’s interval (20.30-23.00):
Next Star is the longest show of the evening and posted audiences inferior compared to previous week. After the average on its interval, it was 1st on national and urban audiences and 2nd after Pro TV on the commercial public
NextStar was watched by over 1.4M people at national level and 913.000 at urban level

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