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President, board and new regulations for Romanian Association for Public Relations (ARRP). Lucian Mandruta, in the management board


lucian-mandruta-bunaARRP (Romanian Association for Public Relations) has a new vision, following the change of its componence and of the structure of its Managing Board, of the status and of its organizing and functioning rules, Mediafax writes.


Following elections on Thursday, a new Management Board was formed and it includes 5 vicepresidents: Florentina Iusco, Lucian Mandruta, Catalin Hosu, Cristina Balan and Camelia Spataru. The general secretary is Andreea Plesa, while the Censors Commission includes Dana Seiciu and Marius Marcovici.

ARRP’s Jury of Honor was extended from 3 to 5 members and includes Dumitru Bortun – president, Corneliu Cojocaru, Radut Bilbiie, Mirela Nemtanu and Ileana Danalache. Through the Jury of Honor, ARRP aims to signal and, when it is the case, to sanction the disrespect of profession’s ethical norms, both inside the association and outside of it

„In these conditions, we’re expecting to reach to over 500 members from the entire country before the end of the year and their number to significantly row during the next years”, said Gabriel Paslaru, the new pressident of the association.

According to the new status and new regulations on functioning and organization, ARRP members can be people that are active in communication in the private or institutional sectors, authorized physical persons, and communication companies or communication departments within companies or institutions.

Also, ARRP recognize the category of sympathing members, that includes students in communication and people that don’t directly work in the field, but wish to be closer to what happens in Romanian communication.

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