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Pro TV’s Alexandras Cesnavicius, on restructuration: “Implementing the new Pro TV stratey needs an organizational rethinking process”


Pro TV aleksandras-cesnaviciusAlexandras Cesnavicius, chef CME operations in Romania, speaks about people being fired from Pro TV with terms as „organizational rethinking” and „reconsideration” of the collaboration with „some of the services’ providers”.


„Sucessfull implementation of Pro TV’s new strategy, that aims to consolidate its Romanian market leader position, needs an organizational rethinking process. As part of this process, our cooperation with some of the services’ providers was reconsidered, in order to make operations more efficient”, Cesnavicius said, answering a few questions submitted by in relation with PR department’s restructuring and other restructurations scheduled to take place within the next period.

He also added that efficiency doesn’t mean reducing costs with any price.

„For us, efficiency doesn’t mean reducing costs with any price, but reorganizing them and making investments in a more intelligent manned, by focusing on the areas that are visible and important for our viewers. And this approach will be implemented with help from the best, most talented and most dedicated people in our team”, Aleksandras Cesnavicius added.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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