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Radio audiences: Who gained and who lost audiences. As usual, Kiss FM has the cities, while Zu has the lead in Bucharest




Kiss FM has the supremacy in urban areas, while Radio Zu remains leader in Bucharest, according to the radio audience study covering January 13th – April 27th and made by IMAS and GFK.

Audiences grew in Bucharest

Most radios broadcasting in Bucharest posted increases in audiences. For the analized period, Radio Zu had 256.400 listeners per day, followed by România Actualităţi (226.300) and Kiss FM and Magic FM.

Ups and downs. Ten out of the 16 measured radios had increased in audiences. The radios with highest audience gains in Bucharest are Pro FM (+31.200), Kiss FM (+30.500) and Radio România Actualităţi (+20.200).

Among the few stations that lost listeners, the highest decrease was posted by Magic FM (-32.400).

In towns, half radios lost audience, while half gained, with Kiss FM being the most listened.

In urban areas, Kiss FM is leader with 1.531.500 listeners. Although the audience decreased (-100.000), Kiss FM remains at a notable distance, of over 294,000, from the 2nd ranked, Radio România Actualităţi (1.237.800). Next in top are Radio ZU, Europa FM and Pro FM.

The biggest decreases in audience at urban level were posted by Kiss FM (- 106,100), Magic FM (-41,400) and Radio România Reşiţa (-11,600).

The highest audience increases on urban population went to Antena Satelor (+60,400), Radio România Actualităţi (+37.000) and Radio ZU (+24.100), but also Radio România Iaşi (+16,800) and Europa FM (+13.400).

More radio audience data is available here.

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