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RCS&RDS and SNR qualified for 2nd stage of digital TV licences auction


televizorRCS&RDS and SNR (Romanian National Radio-Communications Society) qualified for the 2nd stage of the auction for buying the 5 available terestrial digital TV licences, after auction’s committee established that the submitted offers are complying to auction’s criteria, Mediafax writes, quoting an announcement made by ANCOM.


RCS&RDS and SNR submitted their offers a week ago.

ANCOM put up for auction 5 digital TV licences (multiplexes), 4 in UHF and 1 in VHF, on DVB-T2 standard.

Through the 1st multiplex in UHF (MUX 1), there will be broadcasted “free to air”, transparently, competitional and non-discriminatory, public and private TV stations that are now broadcasting in analogic terrestrial way, according to the Audiovisual law.

For the other multiplexes (MUX 2, MUX 3, MUX 4 and MUX 5), operators are obliged that, by May 1st 2017, to have at least 36 transmitters for each of the corresponding networks for the multiplexes, installed 1/allocation zone.

The starting price for each licence is Euro 300,000. All the licences will be allocated for a 10 years period and will produce effects starting June 17th 2015

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