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Romanian stars that have their names registered as brands: Mihaela Radulescu, Andi Moisescu and Smiley. Turcescu did the same


mihaela-radulescu-682x1024Some of the Romanian celebrities registered their names as brands with the Romanian specialized authority OSIM. Among those celebrities are Mihaela Rădulescu, Andi Moisescu, Marius Moga or Smiley.


Robert Turcescu also demanded to register his name with OSIM

Radulescu has her name as a brand since 2009 and she registered it for more classes of products or services, ranging from medical and vet services to cosmetical products, stores, horticulture and forestry.

Andi Moisescu registed his name with OSIM in 2013 and covers from advertising to cosmetics, clothes and hats. At his turn, Moga is a brand since October 2006, covering services and products related to advertising, store chains, entertainment and sport
Andreea Esca was one of the 1st celebrity brands OSIM registered in Romania, in 2000. She withdraw since than and owns another brand, by Andreea Esca, since June 2005 and which covers stationery and paper products, and clothes and shoes.
Smiley is present at OSIM with its production company, Ha Ha Ha Productions, Teo Trandafir is officially a brand since 2008, while Loredana Groza is registered with OSIM since 2006

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