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Stelian Tanase, about TVR protests: I also am in Japanese strike, we are part of the drama


tvrStelian Tanase, ad interim general manager at SRTV, stated that he is also in Japanese strike and joked that he is the 1st owner to be in strike, mentioning also that he is part of the same drama with TVR’s employees, Mediafax writes.


Starting Tuesday, SRTV’s employees started a Japanese strike to protest on TVR Managing Board’s decision to reduce their work time and their pay checks by 20%. Wednesday and Thursday, TVR’s employees protested in TVR’s courtyard .

SPUSTV: Employees in strike starting Tuesday

Dragos Bocanaciu, president of the main union from TVR, SPUSTV, announced that, starting Tuesday, the employees of the institution will enter a Japanese strike to protest, among others, the decision to reduce the work time from 8 to 6 hours.

Employees demand to be called for consultations on the worktime reduction decision and also want TVR „to drop out interally and with no exception” the collaboration contracts, the copyrights contracts, the civil conventions and authorized physical personas.

Employees to continue the Japanese strike during the week, consider a protest march
TVR’s employees decided to continue the strike started on Tuesday through the entire week, to protest this way on the decision made by Management board on work-time and payment reduction.

„People will continue the Japanese strike until the moment we will manage to convince TVR’s decision makers that the reduction of the salaries by 20% isn’t a solution”, said, for Mediafax, Dragos Bocanaciu, president SPUSTV, main union within SRTV.

Over 200 employees were also present in institution’s courtyard to protest the decision on Wednesday, during TVR’s Management Board meetin that had on the agenda discussions on the disputed work-time and payment reduction decision
TVR’s Management Board postponed making a decision on reducing employees’ work time and salaries.

TVR’s Management Board postponed, on Wednesday, the discussion on the plan to reduce the work-time and payment for its employees by 20%. According to Bocanaciu, the postponement was made for a further meeting as the initial proposal didn’t had any fundament from opportunity, economic or TVR’s activity points of view, but it was only some solution to try to save on employe’s expense.

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