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A justice action started by prosecutors against Dan Adamescu, owner of Romania libera


Adamescu ZFAnti-corruption prosecutors started a lawsuit against Dan Adamescu, owner of Romania libera, which is accused of giving bribe. He will be judged along with 4 judges from the commercial litigation section from Bucharest Court.


The judges motivated his imprisonment before trial by the fact that he allegedly tried to influence some witnesses in the case, like one employee that signed the documents that were approving taking from a company’s account the money that are said to have reached the judges.

Another reason for Adamescu’s imprisonment before trial is, in judges’ opinion, his impressive fortune, as he is 2nd most rich Romanian. The magistrates say that, if Adamescu would have been left free, that would have created the impression that his money can buy anything, including justice.

Adamescu is charged with bribing judges in order to save from insolvency one of his companies.
One day before starting searches at Adamescu’s residence and companies, his lawyer commited suicide by jumping in front of a subway train.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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