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ActiveWatch considers CNA meetings should be broadcasted live on institution’s website




ActiveWatch considers CNA meetins should be broadcasted live on institution’s website, so the Council would show „more transparency towards the public”.

„CNA’s members must accept the fact that the status of public workers presumes a reduced protection of their right to their own image”, an open letter sent by the NGO to CNA states.

ActiveWatch considers that live broadcasting the meetings will contribute to „increase the quality of debates within the meetings” and also will contribute to increase the credibility of the institution.

Yesterday, CNA’s meeting was suspended after just 30 minutes due to a live broadcast made by CNA member Valentin Jucan on his Facebook page.

Laura Georgescu, institution’s president, demanded a vote on endin the live transmission, with the proposal receiving the minimum number of votes – 6 – in order to be applied. Still, Jucan said he won’t stop, even if he risks a collective criminal complaint, after Georgescu manaced him with one.

Narcisa Iorga refused to vote on cutting the broadcast considering there is no legal ground for a member not to broadcast Council’s meetings and taking in consideration that such a vote wasn’t on meeting’s agenda.

After Jucan refused to stop the broadcast, Georgescu announced the meeting is adjourned.
The live broadcast subject started a conflict followed by insults between Georgescu and Iorga.
„Following your activity through mass-media, I’ve notice that strictly during the years of presidential campaign you get a syndrome (...)”, Iorga said.

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