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After Pro TV, Antena 1 wants too out of must carry and money from cable operators


sediul IntactOne year after Pro TV made its exit from the must carry list, Intact channels intend to make the same move and ask for money from cable operators.

Publicitate obtained a letter sent by Antena’s officials towards a cable company, letter that mentions “the possible renouncing the benefits of applying must carry principle” and demands for a price offer from cable operators.

“We ask you to communicate us the financial terms that you would agree to offer in order to retransmit the channels Antena 1, Antena Stars, Euforia Lifestyle, Zu TV, Antena Internaţional and Antena 3, belonging to Antena TV Group SA and, respectively, Antena 3 SA on your cable platform, in case they won’t be benefiting by the application of must carry principle.”, the document mentions.

The document was sent by Intact to cable operators and is signed by group’s general manager, Sorin Alexandrescu. The letter doesn’t mention a specific price, but only that “the offer you will communicate us must be reported to the value that channels belonging to us are bringing with their presence in your TV channels schedule, value reflected in the audience index registered by Intact Trust channels”

Intact’s move comes after, last year, Pro TV left must carry list and demanded cable operators to pay in order to have access to Pro TV SA channels. The results were visible this year, with Pro TV’s income from cable operators reaching $10.7M in Q1 2014, double compared to the similar period in 2013.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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