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Blockbusters’ week-end. How did Rambo, Thor, and Transformers perform


rambo4TV stations fought with heavy artillery this week-end, throwing on screen Rambo 4 (Pro TV), Thor (Antena 1), Transformers (Antena 1), Armaghedon (Prima TV), Suleyman (Kanal D) and a friendly football game Romania – Albania.


Rambo 4 had the highest audience between the fiction movies, with 1.7M viewers at national level and 800,000 in urban areas. In Rambo’s evening, Antena 1 broadcasted Transformers, watched by 700.000 people, 460.000 in urban areas.

Suleyman was 2nd at national level (close to 1,4M viewers). On urban public, it attracted more viewers than Rambo 4: 830.000.

Five out of six movies in the week-end were broadcasted by Pro TV.
Thor, broadcasted by Antena 1 on Sunday evening, had 800.000 viewers on national level and over 500,000 in urban areas. It was surpassed, on its interval, by Pro TV.
Prima TV also tried a blockbuster on Friday evening, namely Armaghedon, with Bruce Willis: 334.000 viewers at national level and 156.000 in towns.

Pro TV News leaded in the general audience top for the week-end, with the editions from Friday and Sunday.

Romania-Albania football game, broadcasted on Saturday on Antena 1, had a little over 1M viewers, with 590.000 in urban areas
More audience data is available here.

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