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Media Direction, assaulted by repos: 7 during the last months. Cristian Burci’s agency, affected by Bigger-Marcel Straut case


Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:
Cristi Burci - Sursa foto:


More companies demanded in justice repos for different amounts due by Media Direction. Cristian Burci’s company received 7 repo demands from channels like Antena 3 and Kanal D, with 2 of them accepted by the instance.

BBDO’s officials, that includes the agency, say that this situation has an older cause: the case Bigger Group – Marcel Straut, after which Media Direction suffered losses of over Euro 2M .

Seven repo lawsuits targeting Media Direction are now instrumented by Romanian justice. From the 3 coming from Intact Group (Antena Group, Antena 3 and Media Carmina Group), the lawsuit opened by Media Carmina was admitted by the instance
The other lawsuits were initiated by Cable Direct, Evenimentul Zilei (which is itself in insolvency and wants to recover debts as part of its reorganization plan), Kanal D (lawsuit admitted by instance) and Media Point.
Nora Marcovici: “We are suffering following the Bigger problem”
“We contested the solutions given until now”, Nora Marcovici, CEO of BBDO, said.
“We are suffering after the Bigger Group case, which happened a few years ago. For Media Direction, the loss was important (…) We want to get over this moment and wish the players in the market to understand the situation”, said Marcovici.
In 2009’s spring, Romanian media market was shaken by Bigger Group case. At that time, Marcel Straut, owner of the agency, closed the agency over night, living behind losses of millions of Euros.
Media Direction was one of the most affected agencies and suffered over Euro 2M losses.
Straut was sentenced last year to 10 years in prison for theft, complicity to theft and money laundering. Media Direction appealed the sentence as it doesn’t make any reference to recovering the money and tried to obtain a favorable sentence also related to the amounts lost by the agency. The appeal will be judged this autumn.
In its appeal, Media Direction demands the recovery of Euro 4.5M, amount that includes penalties besides the initial damages.

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