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Pro TV’s former PR employees decided to sue the channel


protvThe former employees of Pro TV’s PR Department, fired unexpectedly in the start of May, decided to sue the station and 2 of the companies they were employed by, Business Personal Company and Filmlance Agency 2000.


There are 9 persons involved in this lawsuit, namely: Camelia Cavadia, Alina Sin, Livia Constanța Martin, Nicoleta Alexa, Adela Marinescu, Ivona Nenu, Alina Nenu, Oana Mihalache and Maria Ruxandra Gheordunescu.

The lawsuit was registered at Bucharest Court on June 23rd and it aims to “dispute the firing decision”
Pro TV is facing more lawsuits launched by former employees that were fired during recent months. Among those that sued Pro TV after their contracts were unexpectedly terminated are Elena Petre, former executive director, George Negrilă, former cameraman and image director, Doina Gradea, former chief Pro TV Internațional

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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