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Public Radio, in campaign to elect employes representatives


Sursa foro: Mediafax
Sursa foro: Mediafax


Public Radio’s campaign to elect employees representatives in the management board started, with the first campaign posters already up in institution’s spaces dedicated to announcements.

Until now, among the candidates are Nicoleta Balaci, journalist Radio3Net Florian Pittiş, and Oana Rusu. Cristian Pârvulescu and Adrian Moise, representatives of Radio Romania’s employees union, are also among the candidates but, according to a decision of SRR’s board, they cannot run in the elections.

SRR’s management board decided that, to be able to run in these elections, candidates must be employees of the institution. The situation is similar to what happened at TVR, where the management board voted a regulation that stated that only employees can participate as candidates in the elections; moreover, the rules say that candidates that want to run as independents cannot be affiliated to unions.
The decision of the board means that Moise and Pârvulescu cannot run anymore, as they aren’t employees of SRR. The two union representatives said that they will still submit their candidatures and, if disqualified, they will take all legal measures
Related to SRR’s board decision to modify the election rules, 4 NGOs submitted a letter to Parliament’s Culture Committees in which they mention „there are justified suspicions related to SRR’s management’s intention to organize pretended elections which will eliminate from the race people” that are inconvenient.
ActiveWatch, Center for Independent Journalism, Center for Juridical Resources and Romanian federation of Journalists MediaSind are the NGOs that sign the letter. They also mention that the inconvenient candidates are Moise and Pârvulescu, the later in an open conflict with institution’s management as representative of the emoployees in the board

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