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Media Pro – Searches and people arrested in tax dodging suspicion


protvBucharest Police underwent a series of searches in Bucharest and Ilfov county in order to disband a group specialized in tax dodging and money laundring, with the estimated prejudice to the state mounting up to Euro 1.5M, as writes. According to Romanian news TVs, the searches are targeting buildings owned by MediaPro in Bucharest and Ilfov.


„As a matter of fact, Bucharest policemen documented the criminal activity of the identified group, establishing that 66 commercial companies bought pretended services from ghost companies in order to artificially and illegally reducing VAT and tax on profit”, a Police press release states.

The value of the fakely bought products and services is of Euro 10M, with the prejudice to the state being of Euro 1.5M

The action comes one day after Romanian prime minister, Victor Ponta, stated that Adrian Sirbu, owner of Mediafax news agency and of online daily Gandul, came to his office to ask if he can stop some fiscal checks to be made to his companies. According to Ponta, this would be the reason why there’s persistance on a alleged influence trafficking by his office related to the lawsuite of PSD politician Adrian Duicu.
In reply, Adrian Sarbu said the Romanian prime minister is lying .

On the other hand, following the searches made in MediaPro buildings, 11 people were preventively arrested as they were suspected of tax dodging and money laundring. Moreover, the authorities decided to instaurate a seize over mobile and immobile goods of the arrested people, with the scope meant to reach the prejudice produced by their illicit acts. The people that were arrested will be presented to Bucharest Court, which will have to make a decision on provisory arresting them for 30 days.

Pro TV on the searches: We offer to the authorities our full support and cooperation

Pro TV’s representatives send to mass-media a point of view on the searches made at MediaPro studios, underlining they would offer to the authorities their full support.
„Considering the recent searches, we are offering to the authorities our full support and cooperation for the time this action will last. As we also showed in April, we are preoccupied to respect the legislation in force and to promote the best practices, so we are transparent and open on authorities procedures”.

The list of people that were provisory arrested includes an important name from Buftea, namely Vlad Panaitescu, the manager that handled building the scenery at MediaPro studios. He was coordinating the teams that handled the scenery for the big Pro TV productions like Romanians got talent and I dance for you, but also for movies filmed at Buftea, which included Modigliani, Callas Forever, Amen and California Dreamin.
Besides Panaitescu, the other people that were arrested are Tudorel Bilciurescu, Valentin Soachete, Silviu Stefan Dorobantu, Roxana Petchi, Ion Tudor, Mihai Visinescu, Dan Cristian Raileanu, Razvan Adrian Radutiu, Elena Calapereanu, and Puiu Prescure.

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