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Pro TV announced the new MasterChef jurors


Chefii MasterChefMasterChef returns this autumn with a new season and a new jury, that includes Patrizia Paglieri, Adrian Hădean and Florin Scripcă.

“The new jury answers viewers wishes, bringing on the screen 3 examples of successful stories, where talent and ambition lead to impressive careers in gastronomy”, a Pro TV press release states

Patrizia Paglieri is an appreciated chef and owner of multiple restaurants in Bucharest and Constanta, Adrian Hădean is a known chef, shows producer and gastronomy books author, while Florin Scripcă was the host of a TV show and is chef at renown restaurants in Bucharest
The new jury was selected after the former jurors of the show joined Antena 1 in order to produce, since autumn, the Romanian version of Hell’s Kitchen

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