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6 new members in National Audiovisual Council, confirmed by Romanian Parliament



Romanian Parliament confirmed, in a common session reuniting the members of both its Chambers (Senate and Representatives Chamber), Viorel Vasile Buda (PNL), Lorand Turos (UDMR), Maria Monica Gubernat (PSD), Rasvan Popescu(PSD), Florin Gabrea (Presidency) and Laura Corina Georgescu (Government) as full members of Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA), Mediafax writes.

The reunited Chambers of Parliament also approved Nicoleta Nicolae Ioana (PNL), Orsolya Eva Borsos (UDMR), Gheorghe Balasoiu (PSD), Mircea Valeriu Deaca (Presidency) and Alexandru Ion Giboi (Guvern) as substitute members in CNA.

The candidates were voted as it follows:


CNA Member



Ioan Onisei Full 26 206
Marius Cristian Iurascu Substitute 34 201
Viorel-Vasile Buda  Full 223 9
Nicoleta Nicolae Ioana  Substitute 229 3
Avram Craciun  Full 49 183
Lorand Turos  Full 221 11
Orsolya Eva Borsos  Substitute 228 4
Maria Monica Gubernat Full 228 4
Rasvan Popescu Full 230 2
Gheorghe Balasoiu Substitute 230 2
Florin Gabrea Full 229 3
Mircea Valeriuu Deaca Substitute 232 0
Laura Corina Georgescu Full 231 1
Alexandru Ion Giboi Substitute 232 0

The 6 CNA members that have their mandates expiring in December are Rasvan Popescu,Ioan Onisei, Gelu Trandafir, Valeriu Mircea Deaca, Constantin Dutu and Lorand Turos

Read more on the background of the new CNA members here.

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