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Romania TV stole the start on exit-polls



9PM was the peak point on Sunday, the moment when TV stations announced the results of the exit polls for Romanian Parliamentary elections.

After promoting during the entire day the “unprecedeed” poll and, couple minutes before 9PM was announcing “Shock results”, RTV felt the need to make sure it is the first and went live with the results at 20.59, around half minute before the legal hour for making that announcement.

The time ran differently for news TV: when Antena 3 was announcing almost 2 minutes until results, RTV was saying there are 42 seconds more.

Antena 3 presented the results at 9PM sharp (without a second, to be more precise). The situation at Realitatea TV was a bit curious, as the watch was a bit out of peace. Although on Romania TV and Antena 3 was already 9PM, on Realitatea TV 20.59 lasted couple seconds more.

Stealing the start in other Romanian elections

At the referendum to release Traian Basescu from the presidential job, this summer, both Antena 3 and Romania TV stole the start by 20 seconds and 1 minute.

In 2009 presidential elections, Antena 3 was again the 1st with presenting the exit poll data.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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